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      We've had quite a turbulent start to 2020 with life taking a sharply altered course, but hopefully leading us back on a happier path. Several events in 2020 were rescheduled or canceled, but it gave me the opportunity to write more books. So the next books in the Book of Love series that I had planned to write in 2021 are now releasing in 2020. For those of you who have been following this series, I hope you've enjoyed the lighthearted fun as this mysterious book known as The Book of Love guides each heroine to her true hero. Will it reveal the secrets to making a man fall in love? These are all stand alone stories, but why not start at the beginning with The Look of Love. When the book falls on Olivia Gosling's head while she's browsing in a musty, London antiquarian bookshop, she is determined to use it to help herself find true love. She's going to test the 'love recipes out on someone she considers safe, Alexander Beastling (Beast to his friends), the daunting Duke of Hartford. He saved her from drowning when she was a little girl and they've been friends ever since. What do you think happens next?

      Romancing the Gold Coast conference has been postponed to October 2021. It will be held in Glen Cove, New York in one of the historic F. Scott Fitzgerald mansions. If you enjoy being swept back in time, this is the perfect event for you. I will be one of the participating authors and look forward to seeing many of my readers there. I would love to meet you! If you prefer your travels to be through books, then I invite you to join me in the Regency worlds I've created. If you love dashing dukes, glittering ballrooms, and the enchantment of falling in love with lots of laughter, a little mischief and mayhem, and meddlesome family thrown in, then the Farthingale series, the Braydens series, and the Book of Love series are for you. Don't be surprised to find them mixed and matched in many of my books - these families are constantly overlapping. In The Song of Love (also a finalist for the 2020 RONE award for Best Regency) you'll meet my little songbird, Violet Farthingale, and her very hunky hero, Captain Romulus Brayden. Toss in The Book of Love and some angry bees, and let the fun begin!

      As for the Braydens, those big, very hunky and brawny men, here is more about them: You've met battle-scarred, war hero James Brayden in A Match Made In Duty, a heartwarming story about the power of love to heal a wounded heart. His cousin, Tynan, is Earl of Westcliff, one of the wicked earls in the Wicked Earls' Club series. Marcus Brayden, a decorated war hero has been awarded an earldom for his valor. You will find his story in Earl of Kinross, another in the Wicked Earls' Club series. You'll find Caleb Brayden in Fortune's Dragon. Look for more Braydens in the Book of Love series with Romulus, Ronan, Joshua, and Finn Brayden finding love with Farthingale cousins Violet, Dahlia, Holly, and Belle.

      If you love dukes who happen to be shapeshifting dragons, Fae kings who can also shift into dragons, and Dragon Lords who are bad boys in need of taming, then my Dark Gardens series is for you. Look for Dragon Lord Mordain's story in Garden of Angels to release in October 2020. Do you dare journey into England's quiet Lake District, to the vicarage of St. Lodore's where bluebell gardens serve as portals into the realm of the Fae and the red mountain known as Friar's Crag is the doorway to the Dragon Lords? An ancient Fae prophecy is about to unfold. Are you up to the challenge? Step into the bluebell garden and find out where it will lead you.

      Just browse through my book list and I'm sure you'll find something fun to read. Earl of Hearts if you're looking for love and adventure in the Scottish Highlands. Pearls of Fire if you're looking to be swept away on a pirate ship sailing to the mysterious island of Buru where the answer to the mythical pearls lies. Or how about some deWolfe connected stories? Bhrodi's Angel, Nobody's Angel, and Kiss An Angel are short reads to pass away a rainy afternoon.

      For me, the fun part about writing is to create the perfect heroine for each of my heroes, to imagine a woman with the heart to love them, the brains to outwit them, and the courage to save them from enemies and often from themselves. The romances I write are historical fiction, but the themes are timeless and universal, about the importance of family, of finding one's inner strength, of forgiveness and kindness, and the magic of romance.

Love Always,

"My Fair Lily is a bona fide page-turner, a delightful Regency historical romance that will leave you clamoring for more from this exciting debut author."

~ Patricia Ryan, USA Today Bestselling Author of Medieval and Contemporary Romance