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Dark Gardens

Book 4 - Garden of Destiny

Arik Blakefield gave up his claim to the dukedom of Draloch and descended into the demon world to save his younger brother. Now trapped in the Underworld, Arik has become the feared Dragon Lord known as Bloodaxe, one of the two black dragons destined to rule over the realms of man and demon. As the ancient prophecy written in the Stone of Draloch unfolds and the demon armies prepare for battle, Bloodaxe knows he must renounce all ties to the mortal world into which he was born. But giving up his all-too-human heart is not so easily done once Lady Georgiana Wethersby is taken captive and given to him as a gift by the reigning High King of the Dragon Lords.

Lady Georgiana ought to be afraid of the sinfully handsome demon lord who now controls her fate. But Bloodaxe stirs a longing in her heart and she cannot rid herself of the feeling that he is someone important to her. How are they connected? He will not tell her. As the dangerous High King realizes his mistake in bringing her, an innocent, into the Underworld, and seeks to destroy her, Georgiana can only turn to Bloodaxe for help. Does she dare trust this Dragon Lord? Will the secrets of his past doom them, or will her love be enough to change the course of destiny?

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