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A Rescued Heart is a companion story to Earl of Westcliff, Aislin, and Genalynn. These Regency romances are a spinoff of the Braydens series. Tynan Brayden is the hero in Earl of Westcliff. He is the earl who falls in love with the youngest Croft sibling, Abigail Croft, who is the only sister among her three surviving brothers. As I wrote Tynan and Abigail's story, it became clear to me that Abigail's brothers needed their own happily ever afters.

So here is the family tree for the Croft siblings, Abigail, William, Gideon, and Peter.

Earl of Westcliff - Tynan Brayden, the Earl of Westcliff finds renewed purpose to his life when he meets beautiful Abigail Croft. She is trying to save her brother, Peter, a lost soul who had bravely fought in the Napoleonic Wars but is now a shell of a man, badly injured and in desperate pain. Abigail's strength utterly captivates the jaded and cynical earl, and he knows he must help save her brother. The story is set in elegant London, and despite all the ton beauties after him, it is unassuming Abigail who wins Tynan's heart.

Aislin - William Croft falls in love with Aislin Farnsworth, a pirate's daughter, and the very man who tried to kill him. Aislin tried to save William, and he never forgot her. He has now returned to find her, for she is his Aislin and the only woman he will ever love. The setting is romantic Tintagel Castle overlooking the sea and filled with mysterious caves and Arthurian legends.

Genalynn - Gideon Croft falls in love with Genalynn Winthrop, the niece of a traitorous viscount. Gideon is an agent for the Crown, sent to the lovely seaside town of Clovelly to bring down her uncle's traitorous plot.

A Rescued Heart - Peter Croft falls in love with doctor's daughter Annie Whitcomb. Annie has brought him back from the abyss into which he sank after returning from the Napoleonic Wars injured and in constant pain. Annie rescued him, and now that she is in trouble, Peter knows he must step in and protect her. The setting is the beautiful seaside Cornwall town of Torquay.

William also appears as "Lucifer", the second in command to hero Hugh Lebrecque in the swashbuckling pirate adventure Pearls of Fire.